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we have moved!

hello readers! it’s been a while, i know.

just to let you know that i have started a new blog – same idea as this one but i needed a new name to go with my fresh start.

hop over to http://nestingmyappletree.wordpress.com/ to follow me 🙂


ginkotree a.k.a mrs hart xxx


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new things

Good morning Thursday! New things i’m doing:

  • Darning the Divide with my sister!
  • Keeping document of my ‘to craft’ list on the future projects page (at the top menu)
  • Dying my hair when i get a chance this week
  • Reading all the lovely books i was given for my birthday
  • Designing/making more gifts and pieces for the Market in December
  • Planning Christmas/Solstice presents
  • Finding time to rearrange the flat to give me a better ‘studio’ space (with an inspiration wall)
  • Ignoring the changes i want to make to the categories on here – tedious!
  • Dreaming about Peppermint Bark (here!)

What new things are you doing? Please do tell!

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As patiently as i can for my birthday, which will bring me a new digital camera. A little silence necessary here until i get it; i’ll be busy creating things to sell and catching up with old friends until then. See you in a week!

Wishing your october days full of autumn colours and wrapping up warm.

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When you’re a young woman trying to juggle:

2 loads of laundry;

baking flatbreads for the first time;

trying to keep a (very!) mischievous kitten off the apple pie;

arguing with a letting agency for our whole deposit back;

wondering what to do with my future (and present);

planning christmas presents;

thinking a million other things and worrying about EVERYTHING….

It’s incredible how a dozen red roses can make the world stop. It’s the simple things, like C showing me he loves me with flowers, that turns a trying day into a happy memory.

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