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Hello again blog! And hello to Berwick and seagulls and ‘it’s sooo cold’ repeated over and over to C. He loves it.

Well, I found my camera in one of the packed boxes just before we left (by accident actually!) so here’s the wet and rainy view from where I managed to walk the other day. Stuff’s been hard to do since we flew up on thursday – pregnancy is making me so tired, that no amount of sleep can change. Short walks at a time and eat a cracker when im dizzy seems to do the trick.

Will try and brave the cold tomorrow to dig up the lawn. Need to get some onions in soon…not sure whether to start them inside…maybe do half and half and see how it goes! (Mum – look how big the garden is!!!)

That last photo is showing the harder bit of clearing i’ll have to do – brambles!

Will be doing a little seed planting post tomorrow!

Ginkotree xxx


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The morning after we found out, C woke me up with surprise tulips, green bananas, conference pears and a red pepper from the greengrocer. All my favourite things!

So there has been a bit of quiet here, while i adjusted to the news that I am pregnant, and made some big decisions for the future. Sadly i will be leaving beautiful Bath city, home of roman ruins, Jane Austen and cider; but it never made much economical sense to live here. It’s amazing though, how family comes through for you at a time like this, offering not only advice but a roof and support and real friendship. We will be moving far into the Wilderness of The North, with fishing boats and biting winds and timorous beasties…couldn’t be much more different from here, and for that i am excited.

But with every decision comes a few regrets, and i will be sad to leave my close friends, and be even further away from my side of the family. I’ll miss the architecture, the Avon, the hundred sweet little antique shops…but I won’t miss the price of renting. And sometimes, just sometimes, that little thing called money is important.

So as i fight off feeling incredibly sick by nibbling on breadsticks, i’ll end this with some very new phrases to me: i am 6 weeks in, and the estimated due date is the last week of august.

Here goes nothing…

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