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oh dear

I can’t find my camera anywhere.

I must have accidentally packed it in the moving boxes. Oh dear.

I couldn’t take a photo of the pink sky last night. Or the robin on friday morning that sat by me and my friend and ate a bit of my cracker. Or the rain on the river last weekend, and the swans.

I think i might have to, more or less, sign off now until we have moved house! Got a very busy week ahead, but i will be back a.s.a.p with PLANTING SEEDS, KNITTING MACHINES, and THE SEA!

Have a good week everyone, and wish us luck!

Ginkotree xxx


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The morning after we found out, C woke me up with surprise tulips, green bananas, conference pears and a red pepper from the greengrocer. All my favourite things!

So there has been a bit of quiet here, while i adjusted to the news that I am pregnant, and made some big decisions for the future. Sadly i will be leaving beautiful Bath city, home of roman ruins, Jane Austen and cider; but it never made much economical sense to live here. It’s amazing though, how family comes through for you at a time like this, offering not only advice but a roof and support and real friendship. We will be moving far into the Wilderness of The North, with fishing boats and biting winds and timorous beasties…couldn’t be much more different from here, and for that i am excited.

But with every decision comes a few regrets, and i will be sad to leave my close friends, and be even further away from my side of the family. I’ll miss the architecture, the Avon, the hundred sweet little antique shops…but I won’t miss the price of renting. And sometimes, just sometimes, that little thing called money is important.

So as i fight off feeling incredibly sick by nibbling on breadsticks, i’ll end this with some very new phrases to me: i am 6 weeks in, and the estimated due date is the last week of august.

Here goes nothing…

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It’s that time of year when bloggers all over share the siliness and happiness of the holiday just gone. Possibly something i was more excited about than the actual day, is sharing it with this new community…and being reassured that my family isn’t the only crazy one out there!

After seeing my old friends for the first time since leaving for uni (too long ago!), i spent the holiday with my family, and C. We had just celebrated our 1st year together before Christmas, so it was lovely to spend the day with him for the first time too.

There was lots of making the table look pretty…

And drinking my homemade Sloe Gin and lemonade…

Lots of making vegan mince pies from my homemade mincemeat…

And drinking Sloe Gin and lemonade….(i call it the Pink Lady)…

And it’s always lovely to have us girls together…My sister at the front there, me in the middle and my mum at the back!

I’ll have to wait for the recipients of my handmade gifts to send me some photos, as i was so last-minute in finishing them, i didn’t have a chance to photograph before wrapping them up!

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A big Happy Birthday to my Dad on the 30th! Here is a photo of the present i made him quickly taken before posting it (he won’t read this until he opens the parcel, he’s away minus internet):

Yesterday i dragged C to town (also known as Christmas Market Hell); he hates crowds but managed very well to hold all the bags…and his tongue! Still no luck on the charity shop coat front, my aim of finding one before christmas is quickly dwindling. But i did get my Peppermint Bark ingredients:

But alas, now i have to go to work (on a sunday of all days!!!) so i’ll leave anyone who’s reading with the view from my kitchen window. Nb: the window is clean on the inside, so it’s not my fault it’s smudgy from the outside! Outside window washing is a man’s job, right?xxx

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Good old fashioned stitching in a tearoom. Much needed alone time!

Spent a wonderfully clear day buying vegetables at the farmers market, some very decent secateurs at the flea market, and hunted every charity shop in town for a winter coat and tartan skirts – came back empty handed on the clothes front, but teacakes more than makes up for it!

And a lazy sunday with a full english!

And cheeky kitten + boyHope you all had a good weekend too!

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First day out with C in a long while, and it was wonderful. Went to National Trust Courts Garden near Bradford-On-Avon (which is such a pretty town too). Lots of photos, lucky clear skies, pumpkin pie and lots and lots of me calling out plant names to C….Yes i’m turning into mother, but i don’t think thats so bad anymore.

My birthday present to myself was a weekend course of basket weaving in Stroud (another pretty town on the Avon), more on that tomorrow!

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When you’re a young woman trying to juggle:

2 loads of laundry;

baking flatbreads for the first time;

trying to keep a (very!) mischievous kitten off the apple pie;

arguing with a letting agency for our whole deposit back;

wondering what to do with my future (and present);

planning christmas presents;

thinking a million other things and worrying about EVERYTHING….

It’s incredible how a dozen red roses can make the world stop. It’s the simple things, like C showing me he loves me with flowers, that turns a trying day into a happy memory.

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