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Well, the moving men have arrived with all our boxes of stuff, and with my Hazel cat. I missed her so much over the last two weeks, and she’s settling in nicely. Found herself a nice safe place up on top of the kitchen cupboards. Now where did i put my camera….?!

If only you could see the lounge right now. I’m sitting on boxes, with boxes around me and in front of me and overflowing out the front door (and up the stairs too). And i threw out (to charity shops) about 3 full black sacks of stuff! Crazy.

Time to get back i suppose, although i’d rather just watch Hazel! Or my tomato seedlings which have come gingerly up.

No pretty picture today, sorry! Too much mess!

Ginkotree xx


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Good old fashioned stitching in a tearoom. Much needed alone time!

Spent a wonderfully clear day buying vegetables at the farmers market, some very decent secateurs at the flea market, and hunted every charity shop in town for a winter coat and tartan skirts – came back empty handed on the clothes front, but teacakes more than makes up for it!

And a lazy sunday with a full english!

And cheeky kitten + boyHope you all had a good weekend too!

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My birthday present to myself was a wonderful weekend course run by Susie Early for Stroud International Textiles. It was so inspiring to see traditional techniques turning willow sticks into something so strong and sturdy, beautiful and useable. It’s everything i love and believe in.

Susie on the right – a very patient teacher and wonderfullly fun. I also loved the dresses she wore on both days!

Various stages of my basket in production:

And my finished basket after visiting the grocer’s:

Thankyou Susie!

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kitten love

*melts*    happy wednesday to all!

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