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Hello again blog! And hello to Berwick and seagulls and ‘it’s sooo cold’ repeated over and over to C. He loves it.

Well, I found my camera in one of the packed boxes just before we left (by accident actually!) so here’s the wet and rainy view from where I managed to walk the other day. Stuff’s been hard to do since we flew up on thursday – pregnancy is making me so tired, that no amount of sleep can change. Short walks at a time and eat a cracker when im dizzy seems to do the trick.

Will try and brave the cold tomorrow to dig up the lawn. Need to get some onions in soon…not sure whether to start them inside…maybe do half and half and see how it goes! (Mum – look how big the garden is!!!)

That last photo is showing the harder bit of clearing i’ll have to do – brambles!

Will be doing a little seed planting post tomorrow!

Ginkotree xxx


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The glorious rush to get presents finished and posted is over; the hideous journey on snowy railway lines is done…now I can finally hole up and rest and relax with those i love. Happy Christmas and Solstice to all!


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Last week i repurposed an old knitted jumper into a new wintery skirt. Cut off the sleeves, hemmed it and put some elastic in the waistband. The sleeves then, naturally, became some matching legwarmers!

I’d love to turn this into a business, offering to turn peoples’ old jumpers into new outfits. Maybe in the new year.

This morning after tea with a good friend, i took my basket and new secateurs:

And filled it with some hederow loveliness from the towpath!

To be continued…

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My friend is renting a house that has been wonderfully decorated. I love the laura ashley style wallpaper. I love the farmhouse wooden doors. And i love the pretty painted door knobs.

Know what else i love?

The Shed Key.

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Good old fashioned stitching in a tearoom. Much needed alone time!

Spent a wonderfully clear day buying vegetables at the farmers market, some very decent secateurs at the flea market, and hunted every charity shop in town for a winter coat and tartan skirts – came back empty handed on the clothes front, but teacakes more than makes up for it!

And a lazy sunday with a full english!

And cheeky kitten + boyHope you all had a good weekend too!

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On the last day of October me and my friend Phoebe went for a walk. We encountered the river Avon, got our boots muddy, stuffed our pockets full of apples, scrumped sloe berries, sidled past a large cow and jumped a few gates!

Then back to mine to use the berries we found. Sloes and rosehips, with plently of Gordon’s.

The rosehip gin is an experiment – never used rosehips before but why not when the hedgerows were bursting?!

I also loved how in the clear bottle, the rosehips and sugar look like one of those snow globes, the ones you shake up…feels Christmassy, maybe i should turn this photo into an unusual greetings card!

Hope November didn’t creep up on you all too fast. I always liked november. Wooly hat time. Much love! P.S. Did anyone notice that? ‘Plently of Gordon’s’? I wasn’t slurring my words. I didn’t drink the gin that wouldn’t fit in the bottle. Honest!

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I am abstaining from Hallowe’eny blacks and orange and instead taking pleasure in beautiful blues and heathery pinks.

Does anyone else find that the colder weather makes crafting ideas come more readily?


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